When most people think of recovery and sobriety they think of the beginning. They imagine the pain of detox, the pride of the first thirty, sixty, ninety days, the meetings and the steps, and finally the glory of the first successful year. In this episode, we go beyond the year to ask some seasoned professionals how they stayed sober through the trials and tribulations that come with success in recovery. How do they practice "sobriety maintenance"? What does long term sobriety look like? Join 2teachone as we talk with our friends Dawn and Brad and learn what wisdom and advice they've gathered from their successes and failures living the sober life.  

Anyone that needs to talk with someone about recovery can contact Dawn or Brad through our website. AA has regional help lines. You can search the website for more information www.aa.org,   or contact us for local Denver resources. Cocaine Anonymous has a list of helpline numbers by state https://ca.org/meetings/united-states/  Narcotics Anonymous also has a list of regional meeting and numbers https://www.na.org/meetingsearch/ . Again, if you need help and can't find anyone to speak with, we at 2teachone will be happy to speak with you or help point you in the right direction.

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